about Anushree

Anushree’s heart’s desire is to help people who want to reconnect with their own true Essence, to support them in finding their way back home –

to this loving stillness within.

Being born in Munich, Germany, Anushree lives now since 10 years in Mojácar, a small coastal town in Andalusia, Spain.

Since her childhood her own deep connection with the divine has always expressed in her deep love for music.

In 2001 she started to travel for several years through India and lived then for some time in the ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi Ma (Ammaji) in Kerala. There she started to practice yoga and energy healing. Here she discovered the world of mantras and its healing power and understood the immensity and at the same time nothingness of silence.

This whole period of her life had an enormous impact on her and started the process of maturing into the complete understanding of the Nothingness and Everythingness, this continuous divine play between the Form and the Formless, Shiva and Shakti.

Throughout her whole life she has experienced many profound realizations, one of them, which for her was especially life changing, was the event when in December 2004 the Tsunami hit the Indian cost where she lived…

She uses her voice as medium to express the unspeakable beauty and love of the One in this physical realm.

For that she uses mantras, her own songs, common songs, humming, melodies and sounds, which arise in the moment, and, as for her the immensity of this Love is completely beyond words – beyond any mentally comprehensive description, she often also uses the light language, which she calls “language of the stars”, which came to her in the beginning of 2009.

She has trained in different types of energy healing, Cranio- Sacral-Therapy and holistic nutrition and completed trainings in leading singing groups oriented at personal development and meditation.

Her loving and compassionate presence creates a field, in which you can resonate again with your own true Nature, that what you are beyond the world of the separate person.

Saying that, also the individual aspect of divinity expressing in human form is completely and utterly loved, respected and actually encouraged to be lived in a fully grounded and integrated way.

All challenges be they emotional, spiritual or physical can be met in this loving presence.

She is holding space for you, no matter where you stand on your path right now, cutting through any mental or emotional overlaying thoughts and concepts down to that innermost Heart of yours, to help you find your way back home.

You are loved exactly how you are right now!

This complete acceptance and love for your whole being can be experienced as deeply healing and nurturing.

Anushree speaks English, German and Spanish. You are most welcome to schedule your one-on-one-meeting in any of these languages.

Before starting to offers Satsang Anushree used to work as an artist during her path of awakening and embodying.

Music, sounds, frequencies in all their forms and spirituality, her inner search of “who am I” inspire her artwork. If you want to see some of her art you can visit: