at-a-distance Session

We are all connected, all part of the One – and the One itself.

Distance only exists on the level of the forms, of the individual expressions. On a deeper layer there is no distance, it all is here and now always.

That’s why a session at a distance is the same effective as a session in person.

The outer settings might be different, but you can experience the same depth whether you are coming to my house in Mojácar in person or you enjoy the session from the comfort of your own home.

Just make sure that you won’t get distracted during the session (switching your phones off, making sure if you share your place with someone that they know that they shouldn’t interrupt you…)

At the time of the appointment we meet via an audio or video call and I hold the space for you and your needs in the moment.

For more information about how a session could look like please visit sessions.

♥   Please ensure that you are in a quiet place, where you can be relaxed and deeply present with the session and won’t be disturbed.

♥   Calling in for your session:

I work right now with Zoom as a medium for us to connect at the appointment time. It is a very easy to use service and also offers the possiblity to record the whole session, in case you would like that.

Alternatively I can offer sessions also on Skype.

If you feel uncertain of using the call-in method correctly, please familiarize yourself with the process before your scheduled time in order to make sure you can be on time at the hour of your appointment. Then there will be also still enough time, to ask me for help, if you need.  🙂

♥   If you don’t know me and how I work, we could schedule a free 15 minutes meeting, in order to get to know each other first.

♥   All sessions can be recorded (if we agree to connect via an online service which offers this possibility)

This recording of the whole session comes then with no additional cost, but is an extra, meaning that I am not guaranteeing it.

In the unlikely event that there is a computer glitch in the online service we are using, there might not be a recording afterwards.

The session in itself is complete without the recording, I am happy to offer you a recording, if it is possible, but I can’t guarantee it.

For some people it can be helpful to relisten again to what we spoke about during the session, in order to let it sink deeper menatlly or reflect some more on what has happened.

But it is completely enough and “round” so to speak to just be present in the session, in the moment and it is not necessary to relisten to something which is so to speak done already and in the past so to speak. The decision, if you would like a recording or not is yours.

♥   In my experience, there is a warming up phase to every kind of session, be it in person or at a distance.

You might or might not be consciously aware of that, which is completely o.k. and there is nothing you have to do about that. Your being is already partnering and getting prepared for whatever wants to happen in the session.

If you are conscious of it, this might show up as nervousness beforehand, running around, compulsively doing things, which is an ego mechanism of not stopping, because the idea of a separate self with all its stories can actually only exist in movement, in the thoughts about itself and the actions of its endless to-do-list. Therefore it will do anything so you don’t stop and actually discover what is there in that stillness…

(For example, you book a session thinking of a certain theme or with a specific intention. This acts already has a huge catalyst as it brings the stone into rolling so to speak. Things around this theme might show up highlighted already or intensified, and you are becoming even more aware of them (which might be quite painful or intense) so we can work on them in a deeper way in the session.)

♥   After every session it can take several days (sometimes even weeks) for the healing and energetic shifts to be fully integrated.

Whenever I get a psychic insight about how long it will take for all of the changes to ripple through, I will let you know.


“One of the best things that happened to me was finding Anushree. She is deeply dedicated to helping people in both healing and finding the experience of their own divine nature. Whether at her Satsangs, or in one to one work, with loving words, lovely song, and insights collected from a lifetime of practice she creates a space for people to check in with their own heart. Anushree lives what she teaches, and is one of the most receptive and loving people I have met.  When she listens to you, you feel deeply heard, and her being brings out the soft contours of your own.  Her authenticity and open heart inspire a trust and sharing that is the foundation for the chance at a depth of exploration and inquiry that is rare.”  – Nathan Schechter, Founder, The New Mind Body Literacy

Before booking a session, please have a look at my session policies