Choosing from the Heart

“Choosing from the Heart” is a video course, in which I am guiding you into a deep state of connection with your Heart.
There I am sharing how you can get answers from your Heart about decisions you want to make along your path.
Please share the course with whom you feel might benefit.
This is a gift to the world.

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Here is the link to download the FREE introductory pdf ” Choosing from the Heart” in ENGLISH.
Hier ist der Link zum Download für das KOSTENLOSE Einführungs pdfs auf DEUTSCH.

The aim of this course is to learn how to make decisions based on the Heart’s wisdom instead of the mind.

The mind can be a very useful tool for certain things, but in my experience it definitely doesn’t know what happiness is

(it has a lot of concepts about it, but these will very often not lead to true happiness…)

In the video I will help you deepen your connection with your own heart through guided meditation and healing sounds. Kind of like a meditative musical healing journey to your center of your being.

(Photo credit for the picture above to Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash)


“Anushree’s pure love knows no distance. Whether participating In-Person or Satsang Online, the connection is just the same. Love, light and peace radiate from Anushree. Her beautiful singing reverberates soul to soul and helps to calm the mind and soothe and heal. If you have a longing to know your heart, she can help guide you towards it.” – Caroline

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