in-person Session

For the in-person session you come at the time of your appointment to my house in Mojácar Playa, and then we see together what grace wants to bring through at this moment.

For more information about how a session could look like please visit sessions.

Please be aware that my husband and I are owning a cat, his name is Dharma. So in case you are allergic to cats, you unfortunately won’t be able to come for a session in person to our house. If this is the case for you, please contact me and maybe we can find together a way how to meet somewhere else instead.

♥   Please wear comfortable clothing

I can work with you while we are both sitting on a comfortable chair, in a kind of deep meditative transformational conversation, or if you would prefer to receive a Touch the Essence treatment I can do that on my massage table also incorporating techniques from my Cranio- Sacral training. For more information about this please read here.

We can also always do a mix of both, so if you don’t know yet which one of these 2 options you would prefer, we can go with the flow of things.

♥   You can find the direction to our house underneath

Please familiarize yourself with the directions to get to our house in order to make sure you can be on time at the hour of your appointment. If you feel unclear about them, please let me know as soon as possible. If I have a client right before I am seeing you, I will have my mobile phone switched off and will only switch it on again a couple of minutes before your appointment.  But in general it should be really easy to find our place🙂

♥   For the in-person-session I can’t offer you a recording right now

They are only available for the at-a-distance calls depending on with which online service we re connecting.

♥   In my experience, there is a warming up phase to every kind of session, be it in person or at a distance.

You might or might not be consciously aware of that, which is completely o.k. and there is nothing you have to do about that. Your being is already partnering and getting prepared for whatever wants to happen in the session.

If you are conscious of it, this might show up as nervousness beforehand, running around, compulsively doing things, which is an ego mechanism of not stopping, because the idea of a separate self with all its stories can actually only exist in movement, in the thoughts about itself and the actions of its endless to-do-list. Therefore it will do anything so you don’t stop and actually discover what is there in that stillness…

(For example, you book a session thinking of a certain theme or with a specific intention. This acts already has a huge catalyst as it brings the stone into rolling so to speak. Things around this theme might show up highlighted already or intensified, and you are becoming even more aware of them (which might be quite painful or intense) so we can work on them in a deeper way in the session.)

♥   After every session it can take several days (sometimes even weeks) for the healing and energetic shifts to be fully integrated.

Whenever I get a psychic insight about how long it will take for all of the changes to ripple through, I will let you know.

Here is our address:

c/ Relente 22, urb. el Palmeral

04638 Mojácar Playa

(We are the first number 22 on the right hand side when you come from the beachroad. There are 3 numbers 22 in our street.)

If you have any doubts about the directions, you can contact me through the contact page or call me at +34 672 721 096 (I also attend WhatsApp)

Here is a map for those of you who are maybe coming from further away and don’t know where Mojácar is.

(Mojácar is divided into 2 parts, one is “Mojácar Pueblo”, a typical Andalusian white village on the hill, and then on the beach is “Mojácar Playa”, where we live.)

Here is the official website of Mojácar

If your heart is calling you to come and visit, please know that you will be welcomed with open arms, and I will do everything I can to help you plan your trip.

Before booking a session, please have a look at my session policies