Online Satsang

For all the dates for the next Group Satsang Events please go to the Group Satsang page.

Right now I am offering more or less every 6 weeks a free online group Satsang in English on my Being Satsang Page on Facebook. I am also starting right now to offer online Satsangs in German on a regular basis on Jetzt-TV.

I always tune in before announcing the date of the next Satsang and sometimes, when I sense a specific theme for this Satsang, I give it a title which reflects the energies I feel will be present in this upcoming event. Other times I feel it will just arise in the moment without specifying a certain theme beforehand.

Saying that any questions and themes you want to bring are always most welcome, and you can share them in the chat box.

If you want more information about these events please, visit this Facebook page, here you will find all the details about any upcoming Satsangs and specific themes.

I might change in the future to a different platform, so in case you want to be kept up to date on any news regarding this, you are most welcome to sign up to my newsletter in the contact page.

Here you can find three videos of my Mini-Satsang-Series, which I was offering in a live stream in the first 3 days of the new year 2019 in my Being Satsang Facebook Page (not in the closed group, but in the open for all page):

I was sitting with whomever wanted to join me, on the first of January with the energy of Peace, on the second of January with the energy of Love and on the 3rd of January with the energy of Receptivity.

You can find more Satsangs on my YouTube Channel.

The Satsang is held in English right now, even though I am very happy to offer in the future Satsang also in German or Spanish, if there is enough interest.

(You can also ask or comment in the chat in Spanish or German, but I will always answer in English)

Saying that, Truth is beyond words, beyond any language, even if you don’t speak English perfectly or not at all, it is not necessary to mentally understand what I might be saying, the heart will understand without words, the energy field will work without the mind, so if your heart tells you to join, don’t worry about the language. ♥

Right now I am offering these free events more or less every 6 weeks.

If you would like support in between these free events, you are most welcome to contact me in order to schedule a personalized individual session –  I am here for you.

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