Prices and Scheduling

You can book a one-on-one session in English, German or Spanish.

You can book these meetings as an in-person session or at-a-distance session.

There is no difference in price or “efficiency”, if you choose to attend in person or at a distance.

For more information about these sessions please go to:

At-a-Distance Session and In-Person Session


My offer right now is as follows:
(I also offer reduced rates for people living in countries with a lower income, for exmple people here in Spain, and also for whoever else is in a financially really difficult situation right now. Please read about these further down.)

30 minutes session: 30 €

60 minutes session: 50 €

90 minutes session: 70 €

120 minutes session: 90 €

15 minutes “First getting to know Meeting”: free

all taxes are included in all my prices

If you want to know how much that is in your currency, you can use for example this link

Individual Session
Would you like a more personalized offer?

For example, if you want to come for a retreat like holiday to Mojácar and wish to spend more / longer time with me, then please let me know, and I am sure we can find a way that suits both of us.

♥   If you don’t know me and how I work, you are most welcome to schedule a 15 minutes getting to know each other first meeting free of charge.

For this meeting, we can connect via Skype or a similar tool with video, if you want. In this way you can see me as well as hear me, if that helps you to decide whether you feel like working together feels right for you.

♥   I am trying to make this work as much as possible available for anybody, who feels this inner yearning for truth.

♥   These are my prices, which allow me to offer you the perfect attention that I want to provide you and which you deserve.

♥   Saying this, if your financial situation is really difficult and your heart feels in need to ask for a reduced price, then please do so, and I will try what I can to make it work for us both.

Right now the mininum price I would have to receive for the time and energy I spend, in order to be there for you, is as follows:

(I will see how long I can offer this at this reduced rate. My heart really wants to be there for all of you, but I also have to have my own needs met. All the taxes are already included in my prices. Right now in Spain I have to pay 21% VAT and on top of that about 20 % taxes on any benefits. So from every Euro I make about 40 Cents are for the government…)

30 minutes session: 25 €

60 minutes session: 40 €

90 minutes session: 50 €

120 minutes session: 60 €

Before paying these reduced prices please contact me, and after agreeing you can make your payment.

♥   In case you have the impulse to pay / donate more, I will use these surplus funds in order to facilitate the reduced price sessions for other people, who might not have the resources of paying the full price.


I am living in Andalusia, in the south of Spain. This is depending if it is winter or summer in the timezone of

GMT +1:00 or GMT +2:00  (Madrid / Berlin time)

My normal working hours are:

Monday to Friday

from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.

and 4:30 p.m. till 10 p.m.

If your life circumstances, timezones etc. make it impossible to schedule inside of these hours, please let me know, and I will do my best so we can find a day and hour time which suits us both…

With this link you can easily calculate which hours that would be in your timezone

In order to schedule you can call me at +34 672 721 096 (I also attend Whatsapp) or you can contact me via the contact form here:
Payment can be made through Paypal or in special cases through a bank transfer.
Individual Session

Before booking a session, please have a look at my

session policies