Session Policies


♥   I work right now with Zoom as a medium for us to connect at the appointment time. It is a very easy to use service and also offers the possiblity to record the whole session, in case you would like that.

Alternatively I can offer sessions also on Skype.

♥   Right after we agreed on the time and date of your appointment, I will send you the call-in instructions or directions to come to my house.

♥   If you feel uncertain of using the call-in method correctly, please practice calling in before your scheduled time in order to make sure you get through and can be on time at the hour of your appointment. Then there will be also still enough time, to ask me for help, if you need.  🙂

♥   All at-a-distance sessions can be recorded (if we agree to connect via an online service which offers this possibility)

This recording of the whole session comes then with no additional cost, but is an extra, meaning that I am not guaranteeing it.

In the unlikely event that there is a computer glitch in the online service we are using, there might not be a recording afterwards.

The session in itself is complete without the recording, I am happy to offer you a recording, if it is possible, but I can’t guarantee it.

♥   You agree to take full responsibility for attending the sessions and calling in on time.

♥   You might book a session with a specific theme in your mind, but if divine Grace needs you to look at / work on something else before that or instead of that, that is what will be present in the session.

♥   All information and healing energies are coming through by Grace from the divine Source, I am only the messenger and holding the space for your being.


♥   You agree to pay me either before or immediately after the session in full for my service.

♥   At this moment I would prefer, if you could send me the payment via Paypal. If this is not possible for you, then I can also send you the details to a German or a Spanish bank account of mine. (Here you would have to send the money beforehand, as it is not as instant as Paypal and takes longer to receive the payment)

♥   Prices may change at any time and it is your responsibility to check the price shown on the website at the time of making an appointment with me.


♥   You agree to take full responsibility for attending the sessions and calling in on time.

♥   It’s always your responsibility to feel, if the information which came through for you feels right for you or not.

♥   Reconnecting with our own true Essence can bring up a lot of stuff for the human person, as it slowly but surely integrates to be both, a human body and the divine Everythingness and Nothingness at the same time. Hence a lot of change and a process of deeply letting go can happen on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level during and following a session.

♥   Deeper layers of your being, for example of certain themes we worked on, be they emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic layers, might surface and transform following a session.

♥   I will always try the best that I can, to be there for you with any possible waves after or in between sessions, but I want you to take full responsibility for all conclusions drawn, choices made and for all physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and situational changes which might occur during and after the sessions.

♥   I am not a doctor and I am not prescribing.

♥   Although psychological and physical issues may be addressed, the sessions are not a substitution or replacement for licensed therapy or medical care.

Cancelations, Late Call-Ins, No Shows:

♥   If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled time

♥   I know that life can sometimes present us with unforeseen situations. I will always treat you and these challenges with empathy and understanding, but please be aware of the fact that my time is precious, and I will have had to say no to someone else, when I gave you the slot for your appointment.

♥   If I feel that missing your appointment happens just through being careless, you will definitely have to pay the next session in advance at the time of scheduling it. If this happens even more than once, I will stop working with you.

♥   If you’re going to be late, please text me or write me a WhatsApp at +34 672 721 096 or an email at before your session start time. Depending on my schedule on that day I will do what I can to make it work, but if I have another session scheduled right after yours, your session will have to still end at the appointed time.

♥   If you don’t call in within the first 15 minutes, your session is then considered a “no-show” and is thus cancelled. I then won’t be waiting at my end any longer for you to arrive. Again depending on if this is the first time that that happens, or if I am having the feeling that it is happing through you not caring, new payment might need to be received prior to re-scheduling. (Like always special circumstances are considered)

In scheduling an appointment for a session with me you agree to all these policies.