Individual Sessions

Every individual session can be quite different.

As I work very intuitively, being guided by the flow of life, there is no such thing as a standard session.

I am offering at-a-distance sessions and in-person sessions.

♥   You could come for example with a specific wish or theme you want support with, be it emotional, physical or mental, and we might dive deeply into the uncovering and dissolving of old or new layers, childhood traumas or any other deep-rooted conditioning.

Sometimes I may guide you through my words and we might have a “deep meditative guided conversation”. I often times also use my voice singing songs, humming, mantras, the light language I channel or whatever else might want to come through for you in this very moment in order to make you feel safe enough to dive to the depth of your being.

♥   Or you could come with the wish to just be with what is, and then we can work moment by moment with what is arising and be open to where this will lead us.

♥   If you are coming to our house in Mojácar for an in-person session, we could dive deep into a kind of guided meditation and investigation together, while we are both sitting on comfotable chairs or another possible options for you is to receive a Touch the Essence session on my massage table.


All my sessions are ultimately aimed at supporting you on your path towards awakening, to help you realize the truth that we are not separate and that the whole story of the “I” is sometimes really beautiful and sometimes really painful, but ultimately it is what it is, a story.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t validate your story as something which is really true for you right now. There is complete compassion for all the suffering, which this story might cause in your life, and you are completely and utterly accepted and loved with everything which is present for you in this moment!

But in the end my intention is always to support you, your true Self, in becoming freer, less separate, and to experience true happiness.

Not in the sense of making you happier and more comfortable inside of your story, but to actually let the whole story of the separate me gently and lovingly just fall away – be it through healing it, or be it through realizing the untruth of it…

My heart’s wish is for you to see real Beauty and to realize your true Self beyond any story and form.


“Anushree is one of those extremely rare and stunningly beauty-full souls who’s heart is not only one of the kindest, most generous and compassionate I’ve come across, but whose commitment and devotion to serving the Divine, the greater good of all, is apparent in how she lives and everything she does. This depth of integrity, intelligence and commitment cannot help but translate in the work she does and it is one of the reasons why working with her is so incredibly powerful and life changing. Moreover, Anushree has the ability to see clearly in a way many healing arts practitioners do not, and she isn’t afraid to call out where things are out of balance or lacking understanding or integrity. She does so however in a very kind, gentle and palatable way, that allows for deep shifts to occur.

Anushree also has a gift to transmit healing and balancing frequencies through her voice. When I was working with her on things that deeply wobbled me, her beautiful, inwardly inspired songs and singing are incredibly soothing as healing and really helped me to transform my self negation patterns quickly!” – Presence

Before booking a session, please have a look at my session policies