Small Support Group

I am offering besides my individual sessions and group Satsangs also a Small Support Group.

Sometimes it can be really helpful to receive continued support on your path, when you are facing a lot of growth and therefore maybe a lot of challenges. It can be also just wonderfully nurturing to have a fixed date each week, where you can just be, relax, let go and sooth anything which might be present for you right now.

If your heart resonates, my offer looks like this:

The group will have 4 – 6 members
(There would have to be at least 4 people for me to be able to offer this. If there are more people interested, I will start putting together more groups, so the size of each group can stay nice and small.)

We will meet once a week for 30 minutes in an online Satsang, which I will facilitate in a live videoin a closed group on Facebook. In this time we can either be with whatever wants to happen in this very moment, reconnecting with ourselves and into the present flow of life and love or we can address and work with any questions or themes you might want to bring.
You can either ask a question or write a comment during the live Satsang or you can also email me beforehand a specific question you might want support with, and I can address this then in the support group (with or without mentioning your name, however you prefer)

I will create a special closed Facebook group for this support group, where only the members will have access to.

If one day you are not able to join the Satsang live, you will have the recording to watch and sit with and can let the imbued energies support you on your path whenever you have time and space for your Self.

The price per month for this support group is 35 €

The monthly fee has to be paid in advance before the first meeting of that month.

You can decide to leave the group at any time, and since you have to actively pay again each month (by using the Paypal button on my website or via bank transfer) you would just stop paying for the next month.
If you decide that you don’t want to continue during a month I unfortunately can’t refund you the money for the rest of the month.

The time when we all meet, when I am going live in the video, can be right now Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays (in my working hours) and we could see, if for the first group, we find a date and time, which fits all. For future groups I might be more limited timewise as spaces fill up and I might have to offer this only on a specific day and time, but for now I am happy to try and see if we can come up with a date which fits us all.

In case there are only participants in German or Spanish for one group, I am happy to switch to that language for the Satsang, if it is a mixed group, it will be held in English.

If you are interested in this small support group, please contact me through the contact page.