Touch the Essence

When you are coming to our house in Mojácar for an in-person session, one of the possible options for you is to receive a Touch the Essence session.

I am offering Spiritual-Body-Work, which I call Touch the Essence.

After many years of learning and searching I have found my own style to combine Cranio- Sacral- Treatment, Energy Healing and Sound Healing through using my own healing voice.

Touch the Essence is a treatment designed to help you let go – relax and come home to your true Self, to come again into contact with our own true Essence.

Through gently touching the body, while you are lying on a massage table you are supported in finding back to the awareness of this internal peace within you and the body’s own self-healing mechanism is being activated. The healing and balancing qualities of all the different sounds, words, mantras, melodies and silence are supporting this finding back to our own harmony with more awareness, peace, calmness and joy of being.

Through incorporating physical touch the embodiment of the energetic shifts is being facilitated.

I also use sometimes the light language, which I call “language of the stars”, in my sessions, which came to me in the beginning of 2009.

Throughout the treatment you can wear comfortable clothes. I use only touch, energy and sounds. (no oils are applied)

May all beings in all the worlds be happy