All dates are displayed in the same way on the English and on the German Group Satsang page in order to make it easier for me to keep it all up to date.

(That’s why in the discription of the events there is a mixture of the English and German language)

I try to update this website frequently, but for the most recent updates please also have a look at my Facebook page Being Satsang or you can contact me through the contact page and I will send the newest dates to you via email.

If you want to know the hour time in your time zone you can use for example this link:

♥   Monthly GUIDED MEDTATIONS (English) – via Zoom

On Mondays from 8 – 9 pm

The guided meditation lasts for 45 minutes, but I would like you to reserve 1 hour for this practice, so that there is time in the beginning to talk about anything necessary and also afterwards, in case anybody would like to share anything about the practice, there will be room for that.

In case you would want to just disconnect right after the end in order to stay in this beautiful meditative space without talking, you are welcome to do so, but also then I would think that it is really wonderful to have a few extra minutes for yourself before you maybe have to rush anywhere…

The contribution fee is 5 € per meditation

Here are the next dates:

Monday 27.9.

ID de reunión: 812 5286 3199

Password: Ma

And then I am changing to a fixed date every first Monday of the month:

Oct 4, 2021   –   Nov 1, 2021   –   Dec 6, 2021   –   Jan 3, 2022   –   Feb 7, 2022   –   Mar 7, 2022   –   Apr 4, 2022   –   May 2, 2022

Every month with the same link

Meeting ID: 885 1183 7159

Passcode: Ma

♥   Yoga Class in English
in the Platino Fitness Center in Mojácar
Every Thursday from 4:30 – 5:30 pm

You can reserve your spot calling the Fitness Center at +34 625410475

or calling or texting me at +34 672721096

Beginners and Intermediate welcome.
If you are a Beginner and would prefer to start into this journey of the beauty of Yoga in a private 1 on 1 setting, please let me know, and I will be very happy and honored to introduce you to this amazing practice.
The contribution fee is 8 €  for 1 single class.
If you pay monthly in advance on the first Thursday of the month it is 7 € per class
depending on the amount of Thursdays of the month it is 4 x 7 or 5 x 7 €

The class will be moved outdoors again to the Beach in the months of July and August 2022

I am already looking forward to having my own Satsang & Yoga room in the CASA KALI for the following autumn 2022.

♥   Satsang on the Beach  (English Satsang) in Mojácar Playa

I will try to offer still once month a Satsang on the Beach while the weather permits.

I will announce the date a few days before in the Being Satsang WhatsApp Group or Telegram Channel only (it is too much computer work to still update the website and Facebook etc.)
If you would like to be added to one of these groups, please let me know.

In case you would like to organize a Special Satsang (for your birthday or any other specific day you have in mind), please let me know, I am very happy to fulfill your wish, if it is possible for me.

The contribuition fee is 9 € per person (or group discount for your special events if you would like to invite more friends)

Booking your place is essential!

The Satsang will only happen, if there are at least 3 people signed up.

♥   1.10.21   Deutscher online Satsang von 8 pm – 9:30 pm CEST (German Satsang)

auf YouTube – Jetzt TV  (in diesem Kanal findet der Stream statt)

den Direktlink zum Stream werde ich hier sobald er erstellt ist posten, sonst einfach um 20 Uhr im Kanal von YouTube – Jetzt TV  warten bis der Stream live geht.

– kostenlos
momentan 1 mal im Monat
Falls Du Intersse hättest an häufigeren Satsangs, schreib mir gerne und ich spüre gerne hin, ob ich z.B. einen weiteren Termin monatlich auf Zoom gegen einen kleinen Energieausgleich anbieten kann.

Some of my offerings are free of charge.
In case you would like to donate something, it will be happily received and will help me to continue to offer my services at a low rate or sometimes for free.
You can use the PayPal link here for your donation or you can contact me, if you prefer to donate via a different medium.

Right now I am offering several ways how you can participate in a group Satsang:

♥   You can join online from the comfort of your own home. For more information about these events please go to Online Satsang.

♥   You can join one of the events, which I am hosting in person in the Mojácar area, where I live in Andalusia, Spain. For more information please visit in-person Satsang.

I might add new options or change the way how I offer these groups in the future, so in case you want to be kept up to date on any news regarding this, you are most welcome to sign up to my newsletter in the contact page. (I am sending more or less once a month a newsletter with all the new dates and general news.

If you would like support in between these group events, or you would like to me to help you with a specific theme of yours, you are most welcome to contact me in order to schedule a personalized individual session.

–  I am here for you and offer you to hold the space, so we can be in a loving way with everything, which might be up for you.

For more information about an individual session, please visit:

At-a-Distance Session or In-Person Session

and my Prices and Scheduling Page.